Kare Sideboard Paradise, Wood, Brown, 118 x 40 x 88



Kare Sideboard Paradise, Wood, Brown, 118 x 40 x 88

Brand: KARE

Colour: Brown


  • High quality wooden sideboard with bunches of extra room or more each of the a vivid front in ethnic style.
  • Everything in the correct spot: clean, store, make request - nothing simpler than that with the 14 drawers of this pretty sideboard.
  • Fits well in the room, lobby and lounge with its merry plan.
  • For the wooden table in the feasting territory with space for table enrichment, candles, decorative spreads, napkins or cutlery.
  • A clean room causes you to rest soundly. Unmentionables, most loved shirts, packs and gems vanish in this radical bureau.


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