Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp



Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp - Standard Reading Tall Light for Living Room, Bedroom or Study - Adjustable Standing Sunlight Craft Lamp

Brand: Kenley

Color: White


  • LIKE NOON SUNSHINE Get the feel of full daylight even at night or on a dull day. This Kenley floor lamp has a color temperature of 6400K, which is as close to daylight as electric light gets. The energy saving bulb (included) lasts for up to 8,000 hours and uses just 27W of electricity.
  • SEE TRUE COLORS Whether you're a professional graphic designer, a home sewer piecing a quilt or just someone who loves reading, this lighting will show you the true, clear colors of whatever you're working on or looking at. No need to wait for sunlight to do your work - with this Kenley task lamp you can work any time.
  • REDUCE TIREDNESS There's nothing like natural light for reducing tiredness and helping you cope with dim winter light - apart from the Kenley Daylight Lamps, that is! As this lamp imitates noon sunshine, it gives your body a boost of energy which can help you start the day well, work later at night, or handle working shifts.
  • VERSATILE AND STYLISH LAMP Designed to suit any décor, this modern lamp is ideal for office, living room, bedroom and hobby use. Lightweight and portable, the lamp is 63in (160cm) tall and has an adjustable swivel neck. A sturdy base prevents tipping and a 69in (175cm) cable lets you place the lamp wherever you need it.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT You know someone who is straining their eyes trying to work in poor lighting or someone who has macular degeneration. Transform their experience with a brand new lamp, and make their hobby or work pleasant and relaxing. This Kenley lamp is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to read, do jigsaw puzzles, paint, knit, sew or do other work with their hands.

Details: Noon sun at night
Reading a book, building a model airplane, embroidering, clock making, cake decorating... any delicate work is best done under good light. The Kenley Daylight Floor Lamp simulates natural daylight, allowing you to see better and concentrate more easily. The daylight effect is ideal for reading, crafting, art and model making as it shows colours much more accurately.

Better for your eyes
With a flickering neon light or a dim, conventional bulb, it's easy to strain your eyes, get a headache or simply lose focus. Your body responds to the Kenley lamp like it's natural light, which means that you'll typically feel better, with healthier eyes. Many users find it improves concentration and reduces tiredness, as your body thinks it's day, not night!

Effective and eco-friendly
The Kenley Daylight Lamp uses a replaceable 27W energy saving bulb. These are significantly better for the planet than conventional bulbs. As a single bulb can last up to 8000 hours, they're an affordable choice, too. It's a great way to extend your daylight hours so you can finish up a project, enjoy a hobby or simply relax with a book or jigsaw puzzle.

Great in every room
Designed in unobtrusive neutral shades, with a very flexible neck, this Kenley floor lamp can be used in any room, from the workshop to the kitchen, the living room to the bedroom. It's lightweight and easy to move around so if you have several projects you work on in different areas, you can move the lamp from one to another.

EAN: 5055890353373

Package Dimensions: 20.1 x 12.3 x 5.1 inches

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