Keter 845-Litre Resin Multi-Purpose Storage Chest.



Brand: Keter


  • This outdoor storage chest is perfect for your garden. Multi-purpose, beige-brown colour and equipped with a 845-litre capacity. Suitable for all storage types such as a bin cover or for a local swimming pool. Product Dimensions: 130 x 74 x 100cm.

Details: Multi-purpose resin outdoor garden storage chest. Suitable for all types of storage including a bin cover over or for a local swimming pool. Available in 845, 1200 and 2000 litre sizes. Product Benefits: this product is perfect for outdoor storage. Waterproof and equipped with a lockable door. Easy opening (pistons) and floor included. Product Material: polypropylene. Height: 110cm. Width: 74cm. Weight: 18kg. Brand: Chalet & Garden. Product Colour: beige/light brown. Capacity: 845 litres. Treatment: UV resistant. Outer Surface: 1m. Length: 130cm.

EAN: 7290103663865

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