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ZedHouses | Keter City Outdoor Storage Box - Grey

Colour: Grey


  • Perfect open air stockpiling box for digging tools and gear, furniture pads and adornments
  • Brightening wood framed style with 113 L limit keeping all ventilated and dry
  • Ideal for overhangs and little regions
  • brief gathering
  • Made of solid, climate safe and upkeep blur free plastic


Product Description: From pads to childrens games, shoes or open air extras, this simple outside stockpiling encourages you to monitor all your scratch nacks. So whether you are searching for your nursery scissors or boots, or a spot for the messenger leave your products, or even a transitory spot for your recyclables, you're in the correct spot! This 5 min. get together open air stockpiling and side table encourages you sort out and boost your space. All climate safe for overhangs and little regions.

Box Dimensions: 23.8 x 22.0 x 3.4 inches

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