Klarstein Diavolo - Pizza Pellet Oven Pizza Oven, Including 13" Pizza Stone (33 x 33 cm), Built-In Thermometer, Temperature Display Up to 430 ° C, Stainless Steel, Meat Insert, Pizza Pusher, Silver



Brand: Klarstein


  • DELICIOUS, JUST LIKE IN ITALY: With the Diavolo pizza pellet oven from Klarstein, you can enjoy homemade pizzas, tarte flambées and baked goods as well as meat and vegetables in the comfort of your own garden, on the balcony or on the terrace.
  • SIMPLE: Thanks to pellet firing, the Diavolo oven can be used outside without any power connection. The pellets are simply filled into the pellet container on the back of the device and ignited with a safety lighter through the ventilation holes.
  • FAST CLEANING: The temperature can be monitored at any time using a built-in thermometer with a display up to 430 ° C. Thanks to the CrystalSteel Concept, the Diavolo can be cleaned quickly thanks to its smooth surfaces and high-quality material.
  • VARIOUS INSERTS: Different treats can also be prepared with the help of various inserts: the 13” pizza stone is suitable for pizzas, tarte flambées and baked goods, which can be brought to their intended destination with the included pizza pusher.
  • CARRYING HANDLE: A drip tray takes care of falling crumbs and fat and keeps the device clean. The foldable handle on the top of the device also facilitates transport and easy moving. High quality, mobile and versatile: the Diavolo pizza pellet stove.

Details: Crispy baked: high-quality pizza pellet oven for preparing pizzas, tarte flambées,and baked goods as well as meat and vegetables. With a built-in thermometer up to 430 ° C, a 13" pizza stone, a meat insert, a driptray and a pizza pusher. Suitable for pizzas up to 33 cm in diameter; with stainless steel housing for easycleaning and long durability. Delicious, just like in Italy: with the Klarstein Diavolo pizza pellet oven, you canenjoy homemade pizzas, tarte flambées and baked goods as well as meat and vegetablesin the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. High quality, mobile and versatile: prepare tasty delicacies with friends and familyoutdoors with the Diavolo pizza pellet stove from Klarstein. Features: • Built-in thermometer• Temperature display: 38 - 430 ° C• CrystalSteel Concept• Stainless steel housing• Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning• Foldable handle• Easy moving• Firing with wood pellets Included: • 1 x pizza pellet stove• 1 x pizza stone• 1 x meat insert• 1 x drip tray• 1 x pizza pusher• 1 x sheet lifter• 1 x pellet scoop• Multilingual instruction manual Dimensions: • Overall dimensions: approx. 40 x 74.5 x 83 cm (WxHxD)• Dimensions pizza stone: approx. 33 x 33 cm (WxD)• Dimensions meat insert: approx. 27.5 x 26.5 cm (WxD)• Drip tray dimensions: approx. 28 x 27.5 cm (WxD)• Dimensions pizza pusher: approx. 25.5 x 42.5 cm (WxD)• Weight: approx. 16 kg

EAN: 4060656404726

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