LoftZone StoreFloor 13m2 kit (Without Boards) for an Easy-to-fit and Strong Deck Above Your Insulation



Brand: LoftZone


  • LoftZone StoreFloor – the easiest way to add safe storage space above your insulation
  • Ideal Home Show Winner - Best New Invention
  • Strong enough to walk on - Keeps heating bills down
  • Quicker and easier to install than any other solution
  • Available DIY or installed

Details: LoftZone StoreFloor – the fastest, easiest, way to add safe storage space above up to 350mm of insulation. StoreFloor provides a storage deck that is strong enough to walk on, keeps heating bills down and is quick and very easy to install. Squashing insulation stops it working Building regulations state that mineral wool insulation should be at least 270mm (11”) deep, and many new houses have even more than that. But once you’ve got all that insulation, you can’t use the loft for storage anymore, and you cannot see where to step safely. Don’t put boards or boxes directly on top of your insulation, as squashing insulation doubles the heat lost. Very easy to installLoftZone StoreFloor is lightweight and very easy-to-install, while protecting the full depth of loft insulation and allowing it to save fuel bills as intended. The beams are adjustable to take into account variable joist spacing, the system can bridge over pipes, uneven joists or other obstructions, and there is an air-gap between the top of the insulation and the underside of the board to remove any damp air that could cause condensation (note that our competitors often do not have this vital air gap). This listing is for a StoreFloor kit of supports and beams that will securely carry a deck of around 13 sq. metres (actual StoreFloor size 3.6m x 3.6m). Screws are also provided in the kit. If you need boards as well, see our other listing. Alternatively, loft boards are available from any DIY store. Made in the UKLoftZone StoreFloor is the premier solution to raise your loft floor, having won prizes from the Ideal Home Show, Oxford University, Citizens Advice Bureau and Mayor of London. It’s also the only product with BBA approval for use in new build houses. Finally, if you would like one of our installers to fit this for you, let us know your postcode and we can put you in touch with them for a free, no obligation quote

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