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Colour: Bamboo


  • Improve your home with an uncommon and refined style, add an exquisite touch to your office or gathering. Have the effect in your wedding improvement.
  • They never wither and remain crisp looking a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Spare time on support (you needn't bother with Water, manure, pruning). You can brighten spaces where it isn't helpful to put normal plants, for example, rooms, restrooms and kitchens
  • We utilize the best top notch materials to make them look so similar you typically need to contact them to tell in the event that they are genuine or not
  • Tree made out of common trunks with verbalized excellent Artificial Bamboo branches, to have the option to give it the ideal shape. Remembers a pot for dark
  • Measures - tree: 150 cm High x 50 cm wide. Vase: 20 cm high x 20 cm wide


Product Description: We utilize the best materials in its elaboration, to get a result of the highest caliber, the nearest to the common bamboo. Entirely reasonable for enlivening your home, immaculate to give a bit of polish at the workplace, remain in a gathering, or as an ornamental piece in weddings and occasions. You can give a unique touch, exquisite and advanced sparing the support of plants. The item is made in our offices by topic specialists. Our plants are pot of plastic, dark, with greenery saved, perfect for decores those edges of your home.

Box Dimensions: 57.5 x 11.0 x 10.2 inches

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