Manual Coffee Grinder, Wooden Manual Coffee Grinder Vintage Style Coffee Bean Spice Coffee Bean Machine With Ceramic Grinding Core Retro Wood Hand Coffee Grinder Coffee Grain Burr Mill Machine



Brand: Caste

Color: Brown


  • When the adjustment piece is adjusted, attach the buckle and other accessories to work.
  • Ground coffee powder is designed with three types: thick, medium and fine.
  • According to the required degree, the user should rotate the adjusting piece upward or downward. The upper part is thick and the lower part is fine. When the adjustment piece is adjusted to the lowest position, leave a gap of 0.25mm to avoid friction increase or jam.
  • It is designed with retro and classical style. The bean bowl is very metallic. The wooden bottom is very line-like, beautiful and decent.
  • The base is made of birch, which is thick, stable, firm and impact-resistant. The wood texture is uniform and suitable for long-term use.

Details: Parameter: Size: about 9.6cm*18.5cm/3.78*7.28in Drawer powder: about 20g Material: metal bean bowl, log base, ceramic core, cast iron core Storage method: Please keep it ventilated and keep it dry. When using it:  1. The handle should never be idling or counterclockwise, which is very easy to damage the pottery mill; 2. If the nut of the adjustment thickness is tightened too tightly (rightly screwed), the mixing will be difficult, which is the cause of the failure of the grinder. 3. The handle and blade are not resistant to corrosion, and absolutely can not be washed with water. They can be cleaned with a brush. In addition, wet or exposed to direct sunlight also may cause corrosion. During maintenance: 1. Please do not add fuel to the regulator during maintenance; 2. After long-term use, the blade is easily damaged and becomes dull. If necessary, replace the parts. 3. There is a gap in the bucket of coffee beans. After the small coffee beans are drilled, it will affect the falling of the coffee powder, resulting in empty stirring. In daily maintenance, you need to gently tap the grinder for better grinding. Precautions:  The coffee beans contain grease, so the grinder must be cleaned after grinding. Otherwise, the grease will accumulate, and there will be a rot after a long time. Even the high-grade beans are ground into a strange powder. The grinder must be cleaned after each use. List: 1 X Coffee grinder

EAN: 0052395953720

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