MAWCARE Buckingham Orthopaedic High Seat ArmChair



MAWCARE Buckingham Orthopaedic High Seat ArmChair


Colour: Sky


  • Buckingham Armchair: High seat offers phenomenal head, lumbar, and neck support. It helps in lessening pressure along the hips. Beech wood seat makes it simpler to sit in a superior stance for longer lengths
  • Orthopedic Chair: Lounge seat assists with keeping the spine adjusted better, forestalling spinal pain related with helpless stance like slouching shoulders. The agreeable seat is perfect for the older and individuals recuperating from ailments of the knee, back or hip
  • Upholstered Chair: Padded rocker is produced from hard wearing, water evidence, and antimicrobial upholstery that precludes microbial development. Seat pads are anything but difficult to opposite or evacuate for fast cleaning
  • Tough: The froth cushioned seat is based on a solid edge for most extreme security. Utilization of hardwood like oak implies a solid high seat that should keep going for quite a long time. Buckingham Chair utilizes tough upholstery with high, den 5 opposition against bursting into flames
  • Measurements: The top purpose of the pad is 17 crawls from the beginning, the width of the pad estimating 18 inches. This ergonomic seat is appropriate for a shorter individual with modest form.


MAWCARE Buckingham Orthopaedic High Seat Chair - 17 x 18 Inches [Height x Width] in High Sky (lc08-Buckingham_d)


Family room furniture ought to be utilitarian and it assumes a functioning job in characterizing the feel of a room. This Padded Armchair appears to be a savvy decision, high on style and structure with numerous highlights that settle on it a vastly improved decision than standard upholstered seats out there!

This completely upholstered high seat utilizes premium, chenille texture. The cushioned rocker has filled-in-sides, delicate welcoming seat, and back pad, making it ideal for individuals who should be situated for longer hours, particularly the seniors and those recovering from any condition that diminishes their portability. Alisson high couch seat is frequently alluded to as clinical evaluation furniture due to its capacity to diminish the weight applied along the hip and lower back. Energetically suggested in numerous clinical settings and as a more astute furniture choice in home consideration conditions, this high seat furniture permits the matured to sit and ascend from their situated situation without breaking a sweat.

The arrangement of numerous seat stature and width choices implies you can pick the ideal way of life seat for your front room. The solid hand-fabricate outline is completely upholstered with thick chenille texture and froth filled pads guarantee a cozy seating. This orthopedic seat includes an intelligently profiled back to offer increasingly spinal help. Deliberately profiled back of the fireside seat can be a simple method of alleviating abundance pressure along the hips. The parlor seat's waterproof texture has high imperviousness to fire. The strong creases make a slick, exquisite look. You can put this high back wing seat in the parlor or close to the chimney. Makes for a great blessing that mixes well into traditionally or contemporarily styled home interiors!

Additional Dimensions:

  • The vertical estimation from the head of the seat pad to the head of the seat arm is 7 inches.
  • From the head of the pad to the head of the headrail 26 inches.

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