Meaco MeacoDry Dehumidifier ABC Range 10LS (Silver) Ultra-Quiet, Energy Efficient, Laundry Mode, Auto-off, Auto De-Frost - Ideal for Damp and Condensation in the Home



Brand: Meaco

Details: The new MeacoDry 'ABC' range offers the multi-award winning Meaco brand of dehumidifiers at an unbeatable entry level price. Featuring the latest low-noise and energy saving technology the 10 or 12 litre capacity 'ABC' is the quietest compressor dehumidifier that Meaco has ever sold.

Ultra-quiet dehumidifier technology
At just 35dB when in low fan speed and 40db at high fan speed, the MeacoDry 'ABC' beats desiccant dehumidifiers on sound levels. With less obtrusive background noise the MeacoDry 'ABC' is more suitable for use in the home than other compressor dehumidifiers.

Energy efficient dehumidifier
Featuring low energy consumption with running costs of just 2.45p per hour based on 15.2p/kWh. The MeacoDry 'ABC' is a cost-effective and practical solution to help remedy ongoing moisture issues within the home such as damp, condensation, and drying laundry.

Practical functionality
Meaco has used its decades of experience to develop time and energy saving functionality into the MeacoDry 'ABC' such as;
*Laundry mode - makes the machine run at full speed for 6 hours
*Automatic defrost - save energy when in lower temperatures
*Automatic turn off - prevents spillage when 2.6l water tank is full
*Auto-off timer - schedule when the appliance turns off

Simple controls
The MeacoDry 'ABC' features easy to use controls with a display showing the current room relative humidity and the ability to set your target relative in steps of 5% relative humidity levels. The controls also have a child lock to prevent little (or big) fingers from tampering with your settings.

Quality assured
All MeacoDry dehumidifiers are backed by Meaco's two-year parts and labour warranty.

More Choice: Size and colours
Available in five different colours (Black, Blue, Green, Silver & White) and 10 and 12 litre sizes which 'ABC' will you choose today?

EAN: 5060409600404

Package Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.5 x 13.1 inches

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