Micsig DP10013 High Voltage Differential Probe 1300V 100MHz 3.5ns Rise Time 50X/500X Attenuation, Tektronix P5200A P5205A P5210A



Brand: Micsig

Color: White


  • Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.
  • Designed for the measurement of high voltage differential signal, to meet the demand for floating measurement.
  • Power supply USB DC 5V output, more portable while Oscilloscope have USB interface.
  • Simple design, it is easy and safe to use.
  • Maximum differential test voltage (DC+ACPK-PK): 130V (50X), 1300V (500X)

Details: Overview: Micsig DP10013 High Voltage Differential Probe is designed for professionals and experts like you to be used with most oscilloscopes in the market. It allows you to safely measure floating voltages up to 1,300V and has a bandwidth up to 100 MHz. DP10013 can work in two different attenuation ranges: 500X for a maximum test voltage of 1300V and 50X for a maximum test voltage of 130V. While its Tektronix counterparts, such as P5202A, starts at $1,500, Micsig DP10013 offers the same specifications at unbeatable low price that won’t break your bank. Its applications include: * Floating Measurements * Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) * Motor Drive Design * Power Device Testing & Evaluation * Power Converter Testing & Design Conveniently powered by 5V USB, you can take Micsig DP10013 to work anywhere with the free lightweight storage box. In the box, in addition to the probe, you will find: * Two 24-inch input cables, in red and black pairs * Two hook clips, in red and black pairs * Two alligator clips, in red and black pairs * Two Pincer clips, in red and black pairs * 35-inch output cable * USB power cable

EAN: 0193707944897

Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 9.4 x 2.3 inches

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