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ZedHouses | Mini Lemon Tree 25 cm - 1 tree 

Brand: Gardens4you

Colour: yellow


  • Delivery from 01-01 until 31-12
  • Fragrant
  • Evergreen
  • Delivered as Pot plant
  • Pot size 11 cm

Product Description: Smaller than usual Lemon Tree 25 cm - 1 tree Cold safe Lemon Tree, organic products with splendid brilliant natural product as extensive as eggs. It is profoundly enhancing furnishing all year enthusiasm with its reflexive evergreen leaves, truly fragrant blossoms and eatable natural product. Blossoms and natural product regularly show up simultaneously, the organic product is high in nutrient C and can utilized for juices, jams, chutneys or entire natural product can be solidified and utilized as ice 3D shapes for mixed drinks. These small scale trees are anything but difficult to think about and perfect for on a bright windowsill indoor, they can likewise be moved outside once temperatures are above freezing. Organic product will create after some time. Beautifying pot excluded. Fragrant Evergreen Delivered as Pot plant Pot size 11 cm Delivery stature incl pot 20 - 30 cm Blooms March - May Leaf Color Green Edible Fruit Harvest September - October Full Grown 5 Years Full developed tallness 1 - 1.50 m Plant Location radiant Hardiness Not solid Preferred Soil Peaty Soil Decorative grower excluded Plants are common items and can hence go amiss from the photograph upon conveyance. Offer Comprises: * 1 Mini Lemon Tree 25 Cm

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