Mobili Fiver, Extendable Concrete console table



Mobili Fiver, Extendable Concrete console table

Colour: Concrete


  • Overlay completed/Aluminum
  • Estimations of the shut Console Table: 90x45x76 cm. Open variable length: with one expansion: 97 cm, with 2 : 149 cm, with 3 : 201 cm, with 4 : 253 cm, with 5 : 305 cm. Obliges up to 14 individuals. The surface is somewhat unpleasant.
  • Adaptive aluminum component, with focal iron legs, which offers dependability to the structure. The 5 augmentations can be handily situated (All the expansions are as of now INCLUDED in the cost). Fringe legs to give more solace to cafes.
  • Altogether Made in Italy, utilizing safe materials. Straightforward gathering, guidelines and video instructional exercise included. Mobili Fiver certifications and furthermore an astounding after-deals client assistance.

Product Description: The Console Table can situate up to 14 individuals. It has a very safe aluminum adjustable component, with iron focal legs to help the consolle table when open. It is conceivable to utilize the expansions independently. At the point when the expansions are not utilized, they should be set separated (even the focal help leg). The Console Table legs stay on the border guaranteeing visitors comfort. The First Console Table is the space-sparing outfitting extra that you have consistently wanted! The reassure table is fitted with 5 expansions every one of which are 52 cm long, that utilization can utilize exclusively or all together. Indeed, even in its longest form, the aluminum adjustable component with its 2 iron focal legs, make this reassure table durable and strong. On account of its edge legs, every one of your visitors will have the option to serenely lounge around the table without being confined. First can situate up to 14 individuals, 6 on its different sides and 2 at each finish of the table. The opening and shutting tasks are liquid and fast: in any event, when it is shut, First is a modern, exquisite outfitting frill, in full Mobili Fiver style.

Box Dimensions: 35.4 x 29.5 x 17.7 inches

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