Morphy Richards 460009 Sear, Stew and Stir Slow Cooker

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Morphy Richards 460009 Sear, Stew and Stir Slow Cooker

Brand: Morphy Richards

Colour: Silver


  • Programmed blending mode, beat mode
  • Removable oar for those plans that don't need mixing
  • 3 warmth settings for cooking to suit you
  • Burn and stew in a similar pot
  • Removable aluminum pot - lightweight, shatterproof and hob verification

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Morphy Richards 460009 Sear, Stew and Stir Slow Cooker Integrated Auto Stirrer, Aluminium, 163 W, 3.5 liters, Silver

Product Description:  Burn Stew and mix is our most recent development in moderate cooking. Just as the capacity to burn and prepare the supper in a similar pot The programmed mixing capacity presently mixes your dish for you like clockwork (following 2 hours of cooking), blending the fixings and flavor all the more equally, improving taste and forestalling partition. With no compelling reason to eliminate the cover to mix, it holds heat more, so cooking quicker and produces less wreck for you. Initially burn some meat inside the hob confirmation cooking pot to seal in the flavor or sauté fixings to boost the taste at that point add vegetables and stock into a similar pot. Spot the cooking pot into the moderate cooker and basically select either low, medium or high cooking settings (contingent upon when you need your supper prepared for), secure the rowed cover to The moderate cooker and press auto. Your supper will prepare and blending ceaselessly whist you are grinding away or all over town, gradually consolidating the juices and kinds of the fixings making a more extravagant, more full taste. Regardless of whether you are cooking a goulash, stew, curry or an entire huge number of other family top choices on your get back you will be welcomed by a heavenly home prepared dinner. At Murphy Richards we comprehend the furious way of life of today and that you don't generally have the opportunity to get ready and cook nutritious dinners without any preparation. Slow cooking is one of the most financially savvy strategies for cooking a solid, nutritious family supper without any preparation for the entire family and it is truly snappy as well. Singe and Stew is diverse to customary earthenware moderate cookers, because of its aluminum non-stick hob evidence pot, which implies you can burn and ease back cook beginning to end in one cooking pot making the moderate cooking measure considerably more proficient. Aluminum pots are very light and solid making them simple to take to the table and serve straightforwardly from, and they won't break or break in the event that you accidently drop it on the floor It like standard artistic pots. At the point when you have completed your supper cleaning up is simple too as the pot and cover with the oar Control eliminated) can likewise go straight into the dishwasher. Box Contains Slow cooker, cover, IB

Box Dimensions: 13.0 x 12.4 x 8.3 inches

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