MW-Light Light Metal Bronze Ceiling Pendant



MW-Light Light Metal Bronze Ceiling Pendant

Brand: MW-Light

Colour: Pendant Chandelier Brass Riffled Matt Glass 3 Bulbs


  • Roof light DIMENSIONS: H: 60cm, D: 35cm, pendant L: 27cm (flexible).
  • Pendant roof light takes 3*60W E14 (not provided). Viable with a dimmer switch.
  • Roof lighting in Metal/old fashioned metal; glass/vanilla.
  • Metal roof light is ideal for a room, kitchen, feasting and lounge.
  • Pendant light fixture would supplement insides planned in work of art and classical style.

MW-Light 317010303 Pendant Ceiling Light Metal Bronze White Matt Glass Classic Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom 3 x 60W E14 230V Excl

Details: Roof light Aphrodite 1 MW-Light: Fashionable plan at a sensible cost!

Antique style is the most seasoned one and roused by antiquated occasions. Luminaires in antique style have clear, simple and justifiable structures and materials. The fitting of this luminaire is spoken to in metal Ceiling light is outfitted with tin-plated cupric wiring.

Force limit of this Ceiling light is 60W

Electric voltage of this Ceiling light is 230V. viable with the U.K. electric frameworks, brisk after-deals client assistance; simple recovery and merchandise exchange. Every one of our items, selling on Amazon, have declarations of congruity (EU).

Weight of this Ceiling light is 2,5 kg.

Stature of the Ceiling light is 60cm.

Width of the Ceiling light is 35 cm.

This thing suits a stay with a high roof.

Box Dimensions: 14.6 x 14.0 x 10.0 inches

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