Nacnic Set of 4 Geometric Shapes Posters



Nacnic Set of 4 Geometric Shapes Posters

Brand: Nacnic

Colour: Triangles and Mountains


  • SIZE A4 (21x29,7cm). Frameless.
  • Item DETAIL: Set of 4 banners "Triangles and Mountains in Black and Blue Tones".
  • QUALITY AND SHIPPING: High quality pictures imprinted on 250g paper with Xerox-safe inks. Items are conveyed in an inflexible envelope or delivery roll with the goal that it shows up in wonderful condition and prepared for outlining.
  • STYLE: bright mathematical picture sets in a moderate Scandinavian style
  • MADE IN SPAIN. Top quality banners from Spanish producers.

Nacnic Set of 4 Geometric Shapes Posters. Nordic Style wall decoration of Triangles and Mountains in Black and Blue Tones. Assorted Scandinavian inspired Pictures. Size A4, Frameless

Product Description: Pick any shading you like on these eye-getting Scandinavian tyle pictures. Lovely moderate banners with mathematical shapes imprinted on excellent 250gr. paper. You can join these photos impeccably with a wide range of climates. Blend and play with our banners to make special and beguiling spaces. Craftsmanship prints with much assortment to look over. The entirety of our banners arrive in a delivery roll or unbending envelope so they show up in wonderful conditions and prepared for outlining. Pictures are conveyed without a casing. Visit to see the remainder of our assortment.

Box Dimensions: 12.7 x 9.1 x 0.4 inches

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