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ZedHouses | NUTRiBULLET 600 Series, High Speed Blender 

Colour: Black


  • Rapid BLENDER - the first and smash hit NutriBullet, cherished by millions around the globe.
  • Ground-breaking NUTRIENT EXTRACTOR - Nutribullet's ground-breaking 600W engine and cyclonic innovation makes delightful NutriBlasts by separating entire vegetables, foods grown from the ground for most extreme nourishment extraction.
  • THE ORIGINAL AND BEST SELLING - your initial move towards a sound way of life, the 8-piece set incorporates: high force power base, extractor sharp edge, tall cup (680ml), pocket nutritionist and brisk Start Guide with plans.
  • Brisk AND EASY - snappy, simple to utilize and easy to clean – simply flush under warm water.
  • Solid WHOLE FOODS - extraordinary for new, sound morning meals to launch your morning and entire food nourishment for the duration of the day.

Product Description: The NutriBullet is the Superfood Nutrition Extractor cherished by millions around the UK! Assume responsibility for your wellbeing and feel the gigantic impacts that genuine, nourishment removed entire food can have on your wellbeing and prosperity. NutriBullet's ground-breaking 600 watt engine and cyclonic innovation makes scrumptious NutriBlasts by separating natural products, vegetables, seeds, nuts and even ice through the extraction sharp edges. It pummels stems, seeds and skins where a portion of the normally disregarded fundamental nourishment lies. The NutriBullet totally separates fixings into a mash free, tasty smoothie. Pounds ice, blasts open seeds, breaks through stems, and shreds extreme skins to assist you with devouring the regularly unused nourishment.

Box Contains
1 x High Torque Power Base. 1 x Extractor Blade. 1 x Tall Cup (680ml). 1 x Short Cup (511ml). 1 x Handled Comfort Lip Ring. 1 x Stay-Fresh Lid. 1 x User Manual with Recipes. 1 x Pocket Nutritionist.

Box Dimensions: 13.6 x 12.0 x 6.9 inches

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