NUÜR Lamp, Silver



Brand: NUÜR

Color: Silver


  • STYLISH MODERN DESIGN. Choose from our range of sphere, circular shaped or double-sided decorative designs and add a splash of elegance and style to any room. Durable, functional and versatile, we’ve created a series of lamps to brighten and add LED color to your life.
  • ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMP LED BULB. Our lamp features a colour temperature brightness range from 100 – 550 lumens so you can adjust your light according to the occasion. Brighten for when you need to read or study or dim when you’re looking to create a softer ambience.
  • CONVENIENT ENERGY-SAVING LED. Our stylish design lamp is not only an elegant addition to your décor; it will save you money too. With a remarkably low electrical consumption, you will never need to replace the bulb as it’s built in and designed to last for years. Great gift too
  • ONE TOUCH SWITCH and EASY ASSEMBLY. For the ultimate in convenience and ease of use, our dimmable lamp is easy to assemble and operate. Simply plug in, tap the switch once to turn on and hold down to adjust to your desired brightness, tap the switch a final time to turn off.
  • VERSATILE USE. Whether you need to brighten a dark corner in your living room or your bedroom needs a little brilliance or perhaps the desk in your study could do with a shaft of light or the boardroom in your office, on a desk or table, our lamp is the ideal solution.

Details: LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE WITH LED Choose from our range of trendy, versatile and functional LED table or desk lamps for a great design addition to your home, office or party event. Durable, safe and easy to operate, they’re perfect as a gift too. LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY With our one touch switch feature, you can adjust the brightness to suit you and the occasion. Bright for when you need to study or on a dimmer setting for when you’re looking to create a gentler ambience – simply adjust with a one touch switch feature. SAFE TO SHINE There is no UV produced with any negative effects. You don’t run the risk of incurring any burns, as the LED’s electroluminescent film is a cold light source so there is no temperature increase when it’s switched on. Also the light source is constant and soft and doesn’t flicker or cause annoying and painful eye tension or headaches. SAFE TO SHINE Please adhere to the following safety guidelines to make full use of your lamp’s benefits: - This light is designed for indoor use only – please don’t attempt to use it outdoors -  It is intended for decorative lighting only and should not be used for general household lighting -   As the light bulb can get very hot during use, please wait for the light bulb to cool completely before removing it from the light fitting to minimise the risk of burns -  Always protect your light bulb from any liquids -  For your safety and the safety of those around you, we advise you to keep your light away from any flammable materials -  Ensure that your light bulb is the correct wattage and cap fitting before you insert it into the light fitting -  If the light fitting is broken or corroded, do not try to fit your new light bulb. In this case, please seek the advice of a qualified electrician.

EAN: 7625644434603

Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.0 x 8.0 inches

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