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Colour: Black


  • VARIABLE GRILLING: You can pick more than three distinct levels and utilize the Beefbutler for both immediate and aberrant barbecuing. OneConcept's Beefbutler permits you to give a smoky touch to the kind of your favored food upon demand.
  • SMOKE OR SMOKED: The Smoker is ideal, with a shut entryway, for the American flame broil works of art, for example, ribs, pulled pork or meat brisket. The four ventilation openings can be opened or shut independently as wanted.
  • Extraordinary SHELVES: for flame broiling meats and grills, the barbecue has two huge wooden racks. The enormous front rack can be collapsed by need, so the OneConcept Beefbutler can likewise be utilized in the nursery for parties with companions.
  • Adequate PLACE: On the ground level matrix there is sufficient space for an assortment of flame broiled dishes, for example, charcoal, utensils and other grill dishes. So you have all the fundamental instruments readily available and keep away from superfluous courses.
  • Simple MOVEMENT: Despite its size, the matrix can be moved easily. Because of the handle and wheels, it can without much of a stretch be situated even on lopsided ground. So you can basically push the smoker to the ideal spot.

Product Description: Charcoal flame broil for flame broiling and smoking The barbecue highlights two open wooden racks for the capacity of grill meats and utensils. The enormous front board can be collapsed varying, giving the GQ5 Beefbutler greater flexibility in situation all through the nursery or in the gazebo.Despite its size, the gadget is still simple to move. Because of the handle and the smooth-running streetcar wheels, it is anything but difficult to push even on lopsided ground. On the ground-level help matrix, there is sufficient space for various BBQ embellishments, for example, charcoal, utensils and whatever else you may require while you cook.The OneConcept GQ5 Beefbutler brings the smokey grill kind of the wild west to your home Features • Grill rack with switch framework • Access to the lower grind through the fold in the middle mesh • Wooden handle on the vent switch • Removable charcoal channel Size • Approx 100 x 95 x 55 cm (WxHxD) • Weight: 19 kg Delivery • 4 x bolster section for focus grind • 2 x holds • 2 x grates• 2 x carbon cross section • 2 x handles• charcoal channel • handle for canister • suspension for charcoal • 2 x even brace• stockpiling network • mounting pack • English client manual• smoker hood • barbecue dish • 3 x grill• bolster stand • bolster remain with hub suspension • 2 x wheels • hub • 3 x wood strip for the side rack • 2 x edge sections for side rack • 3 x wooden bar for the front rack • 2 x edge sections for the front rack • 4 x ventilation shade supports • vent switch

Box Dimensions: 32.0 x 17.9 x 10.2 inches

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