Onlyfire BRK-6023 Pizza Oven

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Onlyfire BRK-6023 Pizza Oven

Brand: only fire


  • Fits the Φ57cm Kettle Grill, E.g. Weber, Napoleon, Outdoorchef, etc(Not fit for Weber Smokey Mountain)
  • Treated steel pizza ring with an implicit thermometer to check the temperature inside the flame broil whenever.
  • Provided with Φ38cm and 1cm thick pizza stone, large enough for a huge pizza, ideal for the family or companions party.
  • Advantageous use: the warmth can stay stable, on the grounds that the cover must not be evacuated to get to food. Cooking a pizza in 3 to 5 minutes.
  • The pizza Kit incorporates: treated steel pizza ring with thermometer, pizza stone and aluminum pizza scoop, mounting section. (The pot flame broil is excluded!)

Details: Size: Pizza oven kit

The Onlyfire Oven Pizza Kit is a pizza stove change pack for 57cm charcoal pot flame broils.

This item introduces on head of your pot flame broil changing it into a charcoal or wood consuming pizza stove.

The unit incorporates:
57cm tempered steel sleeve
A 38cm cordierite stone
36 x 41cm aluminum pizza strip
A high-temp thermometer.

Clients can gather and introduce the riser sleeve in minutes. The sleeve makes a cooking chamber that shouldn't be opened to get to the food. The temperature stays consistent yielding prevalent pizza. You can utilize hardwood to accomplish an incredible smokey flavor as well.

Note: This Kit is intended for 57cm pot barbecues ONLY!

Onlyfire BRK-6023 Pizza Oven Conversion Kit for 57 CM/ 22.5” Kettle Grills and Smoker

How Kettle Oven Kit Works 

The tempered steel sleeve fits between the pot barbecue base and top making a cooking chamber. There is an opening in the front that permits access to the chamber. The warmth returns up from the of the pot, along the back of the cooking chamber and over the top leaving the front opening. This makes a predictable warmth misfortune that powers heat over the head of the pizza guaranteeing an appropriately cooked top.

Why there is no entryway?

With Onlyfire Kettle Oven Kit, there is no purpose behind one. The objective is for reliable warmth misfortune that streams over the head of the pizza as it leaves the opening. The outcome is a consistent, high cooking temperature that despite everything gives you full access to what in particular's cooking.

Onlyfire BRK-6023 Pizza Oven Conversion Kit for 57 CM/ 22.5” Kettle Grills and Smoker, stainless steel ring with thermometer, pizza stone, aluminum pizza peel

Cook More Than Just Pizza

The Onlyfire Kettle Oven Kit isn't only for pizza. Utilizing pizza dish and skillets, practically any food can be cooked. On the off chance that you buy an additional flame broil grind, pizza dish and skillet, they can be added to the top stalemates, making a "twofold stack". This will twofold the cooking surface of your conventional pot barbecue.

Box Dimensions: 23.6 x 23.5 x 7.1 inches

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