Oscar Neo Slow Juicer DA 1000 - Horizontal Cold Press Juicer / Masticating Nutrition Juicer - 200 Watt Quiet Motor - Includes Food Processing & Pasta Attachments



Brand: Oscar Neo

Color: Silver


  • Makes Juices (inc.Wheatgrass) Ice Cream,Peanut Butter,Pasta,Mince Meat,Hummus,Bread sticks etc
  • The Neo is an ultem tough raw food kitchen
  • Easy to store;comes apart for easy storage
  • Recipe Book included with some fantastic ideas
  • 20 years warranty on motor and 10 years on parts against manufacturing defects

Details: Product Description The Oscar Neo 1000 Juicer is the latest model in the best selling Oscar Juicer range and is the worlds first "Ultem Tough" Oscar juicer. This Ultem technology means that the Oscar Neo is now one of the most durable and modern cold press juicers on the market. The Oscar Neo does not destroy and waste enzymes through heating because it uses a system that crushes and squeezes juice and vegetables. The gentle, slow-turning action produces greater quantities of juice and retains more vitamins,minerals, enzymes and fibre!. The new pulp adjusting knob means you now have control over the pressure that is inside this amazing machine.It means that the Oscar Neo puts you in control of crushing and squeezing the cellulose wall of your fruit & vegetables to release the maximum amount of enzymes and nutrients into your juice. This feature was previously only available on far more expensive twin gear machines.The Oscar Neo extracts the maximum juice from celery, carrots,peppers,radishes,cabbage,kale in fact all vegetables including leafy greens such as parsley, spinach without destroying the vital enzymes. The Oscar Neo efficiently juices soft and hard fruits, even citrus fruits, skin and all! Wheatgrass, aloe leaves, pine needles and other medicinal herbs can be juiced with the Neo. The Oscar Neo chops and minces meat,garlic,scallions,peppers,ginger and many other foods including herbs and seasonings. Organic baby foods or soft foods for pallative care are quick and easy to prepare. You can make delicious fresh pasta and noodles in just minutes with the handy pasta nozzles, you can make a range of nut butters, try cashew, hazelnut, houmus and tahini The oscar Neo juicer is superior to all other centrifugal and single gear juicers and literally pays for itself within months through lower health, medical, fruit and vegetable costs The Oscar Neo Juicer comes with 20 years warranty on the motor and 10 years on parts against manufacturing defects. Box Contains Oscar Neo Machine Drum Attachment, Hopper Auger Screw Juicing Strainer Drum Cap Pulp Ejection Cover 6 × Mincing Nozzles for Noodles Bread Sticks and Pasta Food Pusher Cleaning Brush A Pulp Container Juice Container Recipe and Instruction book

EAN: 9341061000044

Release Date: 03-04-2013

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 10.3 x 8.6 inches

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