Oyria Handheld Personal Muscle Massage Gun



Oyria Handheld Personal Muscle Massage Gun

Colour: Black With 6 Heads


  • Excessively Silent: Quiet skim innovation, Super Silent while kneading; Powerful high-force brushless engine, Featuring High Frequency, High Speed.
  • Back rub Heads: The massager can initiate the muscles, animate blood stream, significantly lessen muscle recuperation time, alleviate torment and unwind from head to toe.
  • Safe&Fashionable: Made of food-grade materials, Safe to human body; Intelligent Safety-Protection structure: This massager will consequently control off after 15 min; LED light gap on the holder part of the massager, beautiful&fashionable.
  • 6 Replaceable Heads: The massager is furnished with 4 diverse molded back rub heads to assist the client with relaxing distinctive body parts. Included with 4 back rub tips: Standard Ball (for little muscle gatherings), Large Ball (for huge muscle gatherings), Flat head (for any pieces of the body)Fork head( For neck and spine)
  • Capacity: Up to 3200 percussions for every moment except close to 50 dB. The back rub weapon can enable the client to mitigate muscle firmness and irritation, increment pulse, improve the general strength of the body's delicate tissues, in addition, it can forestall fascitis which is a sort of agonizing and hard to mend aggravation brought about by attachment between the sash and muscles.

Product Description: Percussive Massage Device Rejuvenate sore tissue and throbbing muscles. With an incredible engine that conveys amazing high-entrance, the handheld massager is intended to send rushes of unwinding and alleviation all through your body. The lifts athletic execution when consolidated into pre-exercise warm-ups and post-exercise recuperation schedules, and lifts ordinary versatility and adaptability by means of trigger-point knead treatment for joint help with discomfort, myofascial discharge, and sore muscle alleviation. Notwithstanding mending and unwinding, the Oyria profound tissue rub firearm additionally has phenomenal execution in day by day back rub and upkeep, unwinding of hardened muscles and plastic body. It is appropriate for the rear of the workplace brought about by stationary work. Shoulder and neck torment manifestations. You can pick a poor quality back rub to unwind, drive away exhaustion and stir muscle essentialness, and give your body a "charge". Normalized Use Professional Massage Choosing the correct back rub head for focused muscle treatment Move the Oyria massager gradually while rewarding, don't rewarding a similar body part multiple mins You ought not utilize the Oyria Massager on your head, hard territory, open injuries, or genital zone It takes just thirty minutes to loosen up the entire body muscles. 6 Massage Heads Round ball Head - for arm, abdomen, hip, thigh, calf and other enormous muscle gatherings. Air Cushion Head - for profound tissue unwinding of any muscle gatherings. Winding Head - for profound tissue, for example, joints, palms and plantar. Level Head - for Neck, spine and achilles ligament. Fork Head - for spine message. Little Round Head - for delicate part What You Will Get: 1 x Massage Gun 6 x Massage Heads 1 x Power Charger 1 x User Manual 1 x Portable Case

Box Dimensions: 13.8 x 9.3 x 4.6 inches

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