PAKASEPT Portable Electric Hot Pot Grill - Large Capacity



PAKASEPT Portable Electric Hot Pot Grill - Large Capacity



  • 【Super Large Capacity】13.5x10.4in Large Size Barbecue Plate, 1.6L Hot Pot, Which Can Meet the Dining Needs of 1-12 People at the Same Time. It is Suitable for Family Gathering, Classmate Party, Garden Barbecue, Various Festivals, Etc.
  • 【Integrated Design of Hot Pot and Barbecue】Multi Functional Hot Pot Barbecue Dual-reason Hot Pot, the Baking Plate is Suitable for All Kinds of Meat, Vegetables, Shellfish, Etc. the Hot Pot with Separator Can Make Two Kinds of Hot Pot, So That You Don't Have to Worry About Hotpot or Barbecue, Integrate Electric Oven, and Enjoy the Taste Bud Impact Brought by Hotpot and Barbecue.
  • 【Food Grade Safety Material】 the Whole Baking Plate and Hotpot Are Made of Durable Thickened Aluminum Alloy. the Surface of the Baking Plate is Coated with Food Grade Maifanshi Safety Coating, Which is Non-poisonous and Harmless. It Does Not Touch Food and Leaves the Smell of Burnt Smoke. the Hotpot Has a Toughened Visible Glass Cover and an Integrated Anti-slide Base, Which is Safe, Stable and Easy to Operate.
  • 【Intelligent Temperature Control and Adjustable Power】Barbecue Plate and Hot Pot Are Equipped with Independent Power Supply and Temperature Control Device. the High-power Heat Conduction Tube Can Conduct Heat Quickly for 8 Seconds, and the Food is Heated Evenly. the Maximum Power of Two Channels is 2400w. There Are 5 Temperature Ranges for You to Choose. at the point when the Temperature is Too High, the Temperature Controller Will Automatically Cut off the Power Supply to Ensure the Safety of Cooking.
  • 【Easy to Clean】Detachable Oil Dropping Box, It Can Ensure That the Extra Grease on the Baking Tray Will Not Pollute Your Table. the Baking Tray Has a Non Stick Coating, Which Saves Time and Effort in Cleaning. In the wake of Using, Pull out the Power Cord, and Only Need Water and Detergent to Clean the Baking Pan a lot, at that point Dry It and Store It for Next Use.

PAKASEPT Portable Electric Hot Pot Grill, Electric Barbecue Grill Indoor Hot Pot with Frying Pan Smokeless BBQ Dual Temperature Control for 1-12 People Nonstick Electric Griddle - Large Capacity

Product Description: Specifications: Pot Capacity: 1.6L Power: 2400W Voltage: 22V/60Hz Product Weight(NW): 6.3kg/12.3lb Material: Cast aluminum composite non-stick covering 2400W twofold pipe: High-power warming cylinder split warming quick and quick warming quicker and more uniform heavenly without pausing. Appropriate for assortment of Foods: Suitable for a wide range of meat, vegetables, shellfish, etc.The hot pot with separator can make two sorts of hot pot. Bundle included: 1 x Electric Hot Pot with Grill 1 x Instruction manual Description of temperature control gear: Heat contrasts Level Celsius 1 194ºF 50ºF 2 239ºF 50ºF 3 302ºF 50ºF 4 392ºF 50ºF 5 473ºF 5 0ºF Notice: The force rope should be pulled out prior to cleaning. If it's not too much trouble ensure that the voltage is 220V before buy, in any case the force string might be worn out or the force deficiency may happen.

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