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  • 1. It finds a way to heat a decent bread, you can appreciate the delectable food, set the fixings, set the board, and you're finished. stunning taste, 18 significant menu structure.
  • 2. The new fun mode dispatches another innovative menu to make natively constructed food at home. Safe non-stick covering, material security, and close assurance of the soundness of the entire family.
  • 3. LCD show, the activity is clear initially, control the procedure whenever. Increment the perception window to make it simpler to watch the bread. The film button control board is waterproof and scraped area safe. The normal temperature of the six sides of the uniform temperature is kept at a similar temperature, and the six-sided uniform shading gold sack is heated.
  • 4. High-grade shading steel body is scratch-safe, sturdy and simple to clean.
  • 5.10 minutes Power-off memory Power-on inside 10 minutes after force off, proceed the pre-power-off advances. 13-hour reservation work, a single tick reservation isn't fixed, naturally open.

Product Description:Capacity: heating, jam, cake, noodles, rice, mature, cake, yogurt Body material: single blending sharp edge Control technique: PC type Maximum bread machine limit: 450-750 grams Appointment time: 13 hours Rated voltage: 220 (V) Rated power: 450 (W) Rated recurrence: 50 (HZ) Product size: 342*284*336MM Style: red Panel material: metal How to utilize: completely programmed Insulation work: Yes Safety work: programmed power off Mode of activity: contact + button Reservation work: Yes Bread machine type: bread machine (made bread) Is there a booking capacity: yes Product bundling: 1*host 1*recipes 1*instructions 1*bread barrels 1*measuring cup 1*mixing cutting edges 1*hook 1*measuring spoon

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