Rademacher RolloTron Comfort DuoFern 45059061 Wireless Garage Door Drive Rolloport SX5




Color: Black


  • Extra: Quick Garage Door drive – 19 cm/S in on direction No annoying wait
  • With 900 N tensile suitable for nearly all and sectional door
  • Automatic return safety when Zufahren on an obstacle

Details: The electronic wireless door drive for integration into the Duofern Wireless System. Using the available as an accessory light barrier (Item number 8000 00 51) it is in combination with the home Pilot® (Item number 3400 08 19) from anywhere in the world comfortable controlled via smartphone, tablet or PC. Also it can be operated by the Duofern transmitter remote. Thanks to the 900 N traction is the garage door drive for universal use with all standard and sectional door. It is with 19 cm/S extremely fast in the motion detector, and 90 ° rotating driver unit, flexible mounting options. A quiet belt drive for secure power transmission. It has a large comfort features include an automatic force Lernung, an automatic door supply, soft start/soft stop, a adjustable loading speed and a back jump function, so that system provides comfort and ease of emergency release fuss set-up. The Garage Door drive has a obstacle detection with Reversier functions. It has a internal emergency release for manual operation in case of power failure. It gives you the option of an external switch. The drive comes with two 2 Channel Micro Hand Transmitters and an external release. The supply voltage is 220 – 240 V, 50, 60 Hz and he is the protection class II. The engine of the garage door drive works with 24 V (DC) DC. The goal speed in on a motion detector is adjustable to 11/15/19 cm/s, the speed of on/off is 11 cm/SEE THE TRANSMISSION FREQUENCY is 433 MHz (rolling code). The blind port HDC-SX5 Duofern working environment: -10 to + 40 °C. The blind port HDC-SX5 Duofern comes with a three piece guide and a overall length of 3475 mm and a maximum lifting height of 2550 mm in transport. The maximum door size is 12, 5 m².

EAN: 4031909022165

Release Date: 27-10-2017

Package Dimensions: 42.4 x 10.0 x 8.3 inches

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