Sigma 729955 100-400 mm F5-6.3 DG OS C Nikon Fitting HSM Lens - Black

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Brand: Sigma

Color: Black


  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Perfect for hand-held telephoto photography And Ideal Use: Travel photography, wildlife photography, nature photography and bird photograph
  • Allows both Push/Pull and Twist zoom. Compact size meets strong image quality
  • Compatible with the SIGMA USB Dock and MC-11
  • Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | C Nikon Fitting, Lens Hood, Instruction Manual

Details: Product Description The SIGMA 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary offers a compact, lightweight solution for telephoto lenses. The maximum apertures are reduced by just one-third of a stop compared to other 100-400mm lenses however this small difference makes a huge reduction to the size and weight of the lens. This approach results in a tempting new ultra-telephoto choice for photographers. Offering a combination of stunning image quality and outstanding functionality, this lens satisfies the needs of pros and amateurs alike. An ultra-telephoto lens with an optical stabilizer (OS) system has several advantages. The OS allows the photographer to take photographs in unstable circumstances. While keeping the robust functionality and exceptional image quality of an ultra-telephoto zoom lens intact, SIGMA has achieved amazingly compact packaging enclosing 400mm optics. Introducing the new and greatly enhanced ultra-telephoto zoom lens. In designing this lens, SIGMA strives to push both compactness and image quality to the limit. Four SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass lens elements and an optimized power distribution help minimize optical aberrations. Moreover, by taking special care to minimize transverse chromatic aberration, which cannot be corrected via aperture control, SIGMA has ensured outstanding image quality throughout the zoom range. For quick control of the angle of view, the zoom ring incorporates a push/pull mechanism in addition to the regular twist mechanism. The exclusive lens hood has also been designed to accommodate push/pull zooming and overall lens maneuverability. By making it possible to adjust the angle of view instantly, this lens gives photographers an even better chance of getting that crucial shot. With a minimum shooting distance of 160cm and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:3.8, this lens can shoot either from a distance or up close. To customize the focus setting of my lens: In “SIGMA Optimization Pro”, please select the cell covering the focus range you would like to customize. You can change the setting by clicking the left and right arrows in the spin box. Moving towards the “–” end, you can set the focusing position in front, and towards the “+” end slides it to the back. After the customization, please take some test shots and re-adjust it with the software if necessary. Box Contains Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | C Nikon Fitting, Lens Hood, Instruction Manual

EAN: 0085126729554

Package Dimensions: 9.9 x 5.3 x 5.0 inches

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