Spatium Euro pallets cushions removable pillowcase, water-resistant, resistant to stains Anthracite 2 Piece set



Brand: Spatium

Color: Anthracite


  • Removable Pillowcase Will Allow Comfortable Use Of Pillows, Removed Covers Can Be Easily Washed, And The Cushions Will Serve You For A Long Time,
  • Waterproof And Stain Resistant Fabric Will Enable You To Use The Cushions Outside And You Will Not Have To Worry About Rain And The Individual Dirt,
  • The Dense Filling Makes The Cushions Have A Thickness Of 15 To More Than 20Cm, Making Them Extremely Comfortable And Great Looking!
  • An Additional Zipper In The Pillow Insde The Pillowcase Will Allow You To Fill The Pillow With Additional Filling At Any Time, And Thanks To That The Pillows Will Look Great,
  • The Pillows Are Quilted, What Will Not Allow The Fill To Move To One Place. The Filling Will Always Be Evenly Distributed.

Details: Feronia is a new line of SPATIUM cushions that have been specially equipped, at the request of our clients, with a removable cover made of waterproof and stain-resistant fabric.  We fill our cushions with a large amount of granules, thanks to which the cushions have a thickness of 15 to more than 20cm !, which guarantees a perfect rest and a unique look. Each cushion has a removable cover with a zipper on the entire length of the side, so removing and inserting pillows is not a problem. Thanks to the removable cover, our pillows have become extremely comfortable to use. Before or after the season, you can take off and wash the pillowcase, making your seating look like new.  The fabric of the pillow contains an additional layer of PVC, which provides 100% waterproofness, so any rainy days will not cause you trouble. The fabric also has stain-resistant properties. Each cushion inside the pillowcase also has its own additional zip, so you can put an additional filling into the cushion. The pillows are quilted - in our cushions we do not use buttons that often rust and which impair the comfort of the seat. Scope of delivery: 2 Piece set = 1pc cushion in the size 120x80x15cm + 1pc cushion in the size 120x40x15cm Attention: The price does not include pallets. Before sending pillowcases are not put on pillows , so that the fabric is smooth when delivered to the customer.

EAN: 5907731910217

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