The Famous Click-Deck Hardwood Decking Tiles - Patio, Balcony, Roof Terrace, Hot Tub Deck Tiles Flooring Decking (144 x Hardwood Tiles)




Details: **HARDWOOD TILES** **HARDWOOD TILES** **HARDWOOD TILES** SOLD & DISPATCHED BY AMAZON – IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CLICK-DECK PRODUCTS IMPORTANT – THERE ARE MANY SIMILAR DECKING TILE PRODUCTS ONLINE MADE FROM POOR QUALITY SOFTWOOD. OUR CLICK-DECK TILES ARE MANUFATURED FROM ACACIA HARDWOOD, HAVE BEEN TREATED WITH OIL AND ARE OF A HIGH QUALITY WE ARE A SMALL UK FAMILY RUN BUSINESS WHO ARE DECKING TILE SPECIALISTS. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSESDECKING TILES CAN BE LAID ONTO ANY REASONBLY FIRM / LEVEL AREA. EACH TILE IS SLIGHTLY FLEXIBLE AND CAN GIVE / TAKE SLIGHT UNEVENESS. FOR BEST RESULTS MAKE SURE THE GROUND IS FIRM PRICES SHOWN ARE FOR A TOTAL OF 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 72, 108 & 144 TILES. All deck tiles are identical and use a male/female interlocking system to connect Each tile is made up of a 30cm x 30cm square plastic base with 6 slats of durable hardwood slats screwed onto the base Hardwood sourced from plantation forests The decking tiles are oiled and ready to use straight away The oil has penetrated deep into the wood No tools or adhesives are required Most competition/similar products are made from cheap softwood (poor quality wood) Our tiles are made from natural hardwood and are of the highest quality. Use your imagination are create your own decking area! 11 TILES COVER 1 SQM NOT SURE HOW MANY TILES YOU REQUIRE? PLEASE SEND OUR TEAM YOUR MEASUREMENTS ON AMAZON AND WE CAN WORK OUT HOW MANY TILES YOU REQUIRE. WE HAVE VARIOUS LISTINGS FOR DIFFERENT QUANTITIES OF TILES CARE & MAINTENANCE – Click-Deck is manufactured from a durable hardwood called Acacia and like any natural product left exposed to the elements, will require re-oiling periodically. This will bring back the colour of the decking and protect the wood for the future. The hardwood itself is durable and will last many years.

EAN: 0604565181138

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