TheComfortZone Quick Relief of Back, Coccyx and Sciatica Pain Memory Foam Seat Cushion. Booster For Car And Office Chair. Improves Posture Without Much Effort



Brand: TheComfortZone


  • 2 LEVELS OF FIRMNESS: YOUR SHORTCUT TO COMFORT. Other memory foam cushions are too squishy or too hard, making it quite difficult to find the right firmness for you. We have created 2 levels of firmness: REGULAR - up to 80kg, and FIRM - more than 80kg. The size of the cushion is 45x36x8cm.
  • INSTANT RELIEF OF BACK AND COCCYX PAIN. Our orthopedic cushion is made from premium-quality memory foam. It conforms to your exact body shape, giving you proper support. It quickly alleviates pain, helping you heal and get back to your normal routine.
  • FITS ANY CHAIR FOR AS LONG AS YOU NEED. Our seat cushion has an ergonomic u-shaped design with ventilation holes ensuring total pressure relief for your tailbone and no more sweaty seat. We added a rubber bottom to make the cushion stay balanced.
  • DON’T RISK RUINING POSTURE AND PREVENT CHRONIC LOWER BACK PAIN. Sitting with bad posture creates serious spinal issues, from the cervix to the lumbar region. Our cushion promotes great posture without effort. This increases your energy level and focus.
  • WE BELIEVE in making products that help make your everyday life easier and more productive. Because you spend so much time sitting, investing in proper support is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Details: Did you know that 4 out of 5 people suffer from bad posture and back pain? The modern world is not really designed to support our natural way of living; we were never meant to sit 8-9 hours a day. Poor posture is one of the leading causes of neck pain, back pain and headaches. It negatively impacts your ability to be productive. Discover TheComfortZone seat cushion -- the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to: - Get the right cushion for your specific needs (2 levels of firmness: up to 80kg and more than 80kg). - Reduce pressure on your spine, tailbone and hips, and alleviate your back pain. - Stay productive and focused by preventing chronic back pain. - Stay seated comfortably for longer periods of time, and avoid restlessness and fidgeting that lead to a lack of focus. - Improve your meditation with comfort. - Maintain a great posture to increase your energy levels, focus and improve your confidence. - Improve the blood flow to your pelvis and lower extremities, helping your sore muscles and avoid “sleeping limb syndrome”. - Enjoy sporting events again, watching your favorite team win. Our “breathable,” removable velvet cover will give you the finest touch, and will not overheat, so that you don't sweat while working or driving. It is also machine washable so you can easily keep it fresh and clean. The seat cushion has been recommended by many physiotherapists and chiropractors. Looking for a thoughtful GIFT Idea? We all have that friend or family member who works long hours or drives a lot. Now, you have the opportunity to make the life of your loved one a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

EAN: 5949096115067

Package Dimensions: 14.9 x 8.8 x 5.5 inches

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