Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, White

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Brand: Tommee Tippee

Color: White


  • Prefect prep machine makes a fresh baby bottle at the correct temperature in less than two minutes. Prefect prep machine works with most baby bottles and baby milk formula powders
  • Baby bottle maker dispenses an initial hot shot of water, which kills any bacteria in the baby formula milk powder. Followed by the correct amount of water for an accurate and consistent dilution
  • Prefect prep bottle feeding machine must be only used with Tommee Tippee Prefect prep replacement filters to maintain its ability to remove bacteria and impurities present in water. Most standard water filters do not include an anti-bacterial filtration membrane so will not remove bacteria
  • Prefect prep baby bottle maker has a clear warning light which prompts you to run a cleaning cycle, descaling cycle and when it’s time to change your filter making baby bottle feeding straight forward
  • The de-scale light will illuminate to indicate the Perfect prep requires de-scaling once you have de-scaled and cleaned the machine you must hold the button in until the light goes off

Details: Product Description The Tommee Tippee closer to nature Prefect prep machine makes a fresh baby bottle at the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes. Specially designed to make preparing baby formula bottles quicker and more accurate, baby bottle maker gives parents the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing baby's bottle will be ideal every time. How does the Prefect prep machine work. 1) The hotshot The prep machine will release an initial hot shot of water into your bottle. At 70°C this will kill bacteria that may be present in the formula. The initial burst of hot water also helps to dissolve the formula quickly and easily. 2) The formula Scoop the desired amount of milk formula powder into the hot shot of water and shake to dissolve, then pop your bottle back under the dispenser. 3) The top up Press again to top up your bottle with cooler water and you’re done - a fresh bottle at body temperature, all in under 2 minutes. Compatible with most branded baby bottles. How do I care for my Tommee Tippee Prefect prep machine. Prefect prep Machine clean warning light will prompt you when it is time to run a clean cycle. It will also tell you when it needs to be descaled. We recommend you carry out this cleaning cycle on your Prefect prep machine every 4 weeks, whenever you replace your Tommee Tippee replacement filter or if the machine has been unused for 7 days. Please refer to our instruction manual for full care instructions. Directions Prepares the exact amount you want - from 4floz to 11floz Works with most bottle and formula brands Big buttons with bright lights so you can even use in dark! Comes with filter to keep water pure - lasts for up to 3 months* Self-clean setting makes cleaning quick and easy *Based on the consumer preparing 6x 9oz feeds per day Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are only suitable for use with Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature teats. Important instructions included inside this pack. Please read and retain for future reference. Safety Warning Please read the product description and specifications carefully. Box Contains 1 x Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine 1 x Closer to Nature filter 1 x Closer to Nature 5 oz/ 150 ml feeding bottle with slow flow nipple 1 x Closer to nature milk storage Lid 1 x Instructions leaflet Manufacturer Contact Information Mayborn Group, Northumberland Business Park West, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 7RH, UK.

EAN: 0616268842872

Release Date: 17-04-2013

Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 12.4 x 9.2 inches

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