Tribest Green Star Elite Fruit & Vegetable Juicer with Powerful 3 Stage Juicing Process, Jumbo Twin Gears & Bio Ceramic Magnets - White



Brand: Tribest

Color: White


  • THREE STAGE JUICING The extra-long Jumbo Twin-Gears deliver a juice yield like no other juicer, and the unique three stage slow juicing process extracts the maximum nutrient levels from your fresh produce.
  • JUMBO TWIN GEAR The twin gears contain bio ceramic magnets within their core which pull maximum mineral into the juice, while also reducing the oxidisation process for a fresher juice with a longer shelf life.
  • ALL FRUIT & VEG Capable of juicing fruits and vegetables of virtually every description, from hard roots to fibrous stalks to even the toughest leafy greens, as well as nuts and grains.
  • EASY CLEAN & ASSEMBLY The 'one-snap-step' latching and locking mechanism makes accessing and cleaning part easy and convenient.
  • LOW HEAT TRANSFER With the Bio-Ceramic Magnets, there is virtually no or very little heat transfer, thus helping in retaining enzyme content and maximising the pulp. most fragile nutrients.

Details: Product Description Tribest Greenstar Elite - The World's Best Juicer? The Green Star Elite is the newest addition to the world's most reputable line of juice extractors - the Green Star range. Based on feedback from loyal customers and juice connoisseurs, Tribest, the makers of the Green Star range have come up with a new sleek design, even more effective juice extraction through a revolutionary change to their twin gear technology and a number of other improved features in the design of the new Green Star Elite. The Green Star Elite has raised the bar even further from its competitors bringing a revolutionary change to their already leading Twin Gear technology. Well known for introducing twin gears to juicing with two stages to the juicing process - crushing and pressing, Tribest now reveal Jumbo Twin Gears with 3 stages by adding a mixing stage on the gears.Inspired by the work of the Gerson Institute dedicated to the healing and prevention of diseases in a natural way, they strongly recommend mixing the pulp from apples and carrots together while juicing. The new Jumbo Twin Gears in the Green Star Elite Juicer allows for the mixing of the pulp so that cell membranes can be easily opened to allow more minerals to be extracted. New unique three stage process:Stage 1 is the crushing and cutting of veg and fruit, slowly without the damaging heat from centrifugal juicers.Stage 2 is the mixing of the pulp so that cell membranes can be easily opened to allow more minerals to be extracted. By adding the mixing stage in between the crushing and pressing stages, juicing soft fruits has also become much easier and more effective. Stage 3 is the pressing part of the process. The shape of the gears at the pressing stage is different from the mixing stage and forces the produce against the screen separating the juice from the pulp as hard as possible thus producing a fresher juice with a higher nutritional value. Indeed, the very fact that the Jumbo Twin Gears are longer than anything else on the market means that produce is being juiced for longer leading to higher yields. Indeed, the Greenstar Elite produces an even higher juice yield than the other Greenstar Juicers which already led the market for juice yield. This is seen clearly by the very dry pulp ejected from the machine at the end of the process. The Bio-magnets included in the Green Star range are also included in the Jumbo Twin gears ensuring that the more minerals are "pulled" into the juice and increasing the juice's bioavailability meaning your body can more effectively absorb and utilize the dissolved minerals. Other new features include:New locking mechanism - a new one snap step making it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble the machine.Easy Clean up - by combining parts through the new sleek design there are fewer parts than other competitive machines which means less to clean. Dishwashable - all components of the Greenstar Elite are now dishwashable Carrying handle - to allow easier movement of the machine between storage and kitchen worktop Lighter in weight - All Green Star Elite components such as the twin gear housing and outlet casing are now lighter in weight than its predecessors. Other items included are fine and coarse juicing screens, homogenizing blank, glass pitcher, cleaning brush, outlet adjusting knob, plastic plunger, cleaning brush, drip tray, breadstick set, detailed instruction manual. The Green Star Elite makes easy work of juicing hard root vegetables, soft fruits, wheat grass and everything in between. It also comes with a bread stick maker. Box Contains Main Body Safety Hood Power Cord Fine and coarse juicing screens, homogenizing blank, glass pitcher, cleaning brush, outlet adjusting knob, plastic plunger, drip tray, breadstick maker set, and detailed instruction manual.

EAN: 0009375705329

Release Date: 04-03-2015

Package Dimensions: 21.3 x 16.4 x 9.8 inches

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