Uno Casa Pour Over Coffee Maker - 4 Cups, 34 Oz Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Permanent Stainless Steel Filter



Brand: Uno Casa

Color: Black


  • ✅ PERFECTLY SHAPED POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER - This Uno Casa pour over coffee maker is not meant to be stashed away and hidden in the deepest corners of your drawers. Perfectly shaped slow drip coffee maker with a modern design silicone sleeve and pad will look good at every home. But it’s not all about the looks either. This slow drip coffee maker is solid and sturdy - ready to be your #1 coffee maker for years to come.
  • 💯 NON-POROUS, TASTELESS BOROSILICATE GLASS AND LID - Would you prefer your coffee dripper to be resistant to thermal shock? Or would you rather have it stay completely residue and odor-free? Well, you don’t have to choose! The Uno Casa pour over coffee maker has both - because it’s made out of borosilicate glass, a perfect material to make brilliant coffee. It also includes a sturdy glass lid - that helps to keep your coffee hotter, for longer.
  • 👌 HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE PAD AND SLEEVE - The mightily convenient, heat-resistant silicone pad and sleeve are not here just to score major style points and contribute to a sleek modern design. The sleeve makes this coffee dripper easy to handle and carry around. And the pad makes this pour over coffee maker stable and stealthy on all surfaces - you can softly put it down without making any sound. All you have to worry about is finding the perfect cup for your drink.
  • ➕ STAINLESS STEEL FILTERS - A SMART COFFEE OPTION - Each Uno Casa pour over coffee maker comes with an included stainless steel filter. Stainless steel filter helps extract your coffee's aromatic oils and subtle flavors instead of being absorbed by a paper filter. It’s a smarter option for your coffee.
  • ☕ CREATE BARISTA-LEVEL CRAFT COFFEE - By baristas all over the world, pour over coffee method is seen as the purest way of unlocking the best flavor. That means creamy, aromatic, and incredibly smooth brew. But making high-quality coffee is not only for baristas anymore. Uno Casa pour over coffee maker is easy to use, and each purchase includes an easy manual that will help you unlock the potential of your brew.


The Uno Casa pour over coffee maker is a stylish, practical, and incredibly simple way to enjoy flavorful coffee.

It's a great match for every home. A stylish glass body, as well as high-quality steel and silicone parts make this coffee drip a great interior piece. But it's not all about the appearance - while it sure looks the part, the Uno Casa coffee drip is made to get you the highest quality brew on every single try.

To help extract your coffee's aromatic oils and enhance its subtle flavors, this pour over coffee maker is fitted with a stainless steel micro-ground filter. It's a much more advanced option than the paper counterparts - they tend to break, and absorb coffee's beautiful natural flavors. Not to mention that all the used paper coffee filters end up in landfills, causing harm to the environment.

But the advantages of the Uno Casa slow drip coffee maker don't stop there. The curved body of the coffee drip is made out of borosilicate glass - quite literally the perfect material for such a product. Why is it so good?

Borosilicate glass makes the Uno Casa coffee dripper durable, and much more resistant to cracks and scratches than conventional glass coffee drips. On top of that, this material is odor and residue-free and will also help you keep your coffee hot for longer.

And there's plenty of borosilicates for you to use. The drip has a big capacity of 4 cups (34floz) - so there will be enough coffee for you to impress your friends and family.

At the end of the day, pour over is one of the best methods to enjoy the coffee's purest flavors. And the stylish Uno Casa pour cover coffee maker, made out of high-quality materials, is the perfect tool for you to get the best possible result. Making mornings better than ever before.

EAN: 8719689877262

Package Dimensions: 9.2 x 5.7 x 5.5 inches

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