Velfont.Anti-bedbug zip-up mattress cover, waterproof and breathable mattress cover | Anti-allergic and anti-dustmite mattress cover - 90 x 190/200 cm - Mattress height 30 cm

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Brand: Velfont


  • 360º PROTECTION: Protect your mattress completely against scratches, dust, dirt and liquids using Velfont’s waterproof and breathable anti-dust mite mattress cover. Available in several sizes.
  • ANTI-DUSTMITES AND ANTI-BEDBUGS: The Acarsan anti-dustmite treatment protects your mattress against dust mites, bacteria and fungus and avoids the allergic reactions they cause. This treatment has been scientifically tested by independent laboratories and is wash resistant. In addition, the polyurethane membrane acts as a physical barrier against bedbugs, preventing them from reaching the mattress.
  • WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE: The exclusive WATERPROOF polyurethane membrane protects the mattress against liquids and prolongs its lifespan. Since it is also BREATHABLE, it provides a comfortable sleep without sweating, since it evaporates easily.
  • USE AND WASHING: This encasement fits mattresses up to 30 cm high and 200 cm long. It can be easily washed at home up to 40 ºC.
  • CERTIFIED: This mattress protector is free of any harmful substances, as prescribed by the ÖKO-TEX Standard 100 directive. In this way we guarantee a healthy sleep for you and your family. Plus, it is endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation with its Allergy Seal of Approval.


VELFONT, a symbol of quality: We are a Spanish brand specializing in the production and marketing of home textile products. Thanks to our extensive experience and high degree of specialization, Velfont meets the requirements of the most demanding customers by offering a product for every need. We use the most advanced textile technologies and are fully committed to innovation, in order to anticipate market needs by encouraging the consumption of high-quality household linen.

100% anti-dustmite: The Acarsan® anti-dustmite treatment protects your mattress against dust mites, bacteria and fungus and avoids the allergic reactions they cause. This treatment is wash resistant.

Waterproof and breathable:The exclusive waterproof polyurethane membrane keeps your mattress completely protected against liquids and increases the useful life of the mattress. The mattress will remain dry and safe from any accident. In addition, the polyurethane membrane is imperceptible and noiseless, avoiding the inconveniences of other materials. This Breathable polyurethane membrane will allow you to rest comfortably and sweat-free. In addition, it creates a physical barrier against dust mites which prevents them from reaching the mattress.

U-shaped zip: Its U-shaped zip closure together with the elasticity of the cover offers easy fitting, allowing 360º mattress protection.

Perfect fit: This mattress encasement fits perfectly mattresses up to 30 cm in height and 200 cm in length.

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 9.9 x 1.9 inches

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