Vinturi Deluxe Aerator



Vinturi Deluxe Aerator

Brand: Vinturi

Colour: Black


  • Snazzy: 6-piece set incorporates the Vinturi red wine aerator, tower arm, tower base, no-sprinkle mesh, and silt channel
  • Circulate air through: Wine aerator blends wine in with air to improve flavor, bouquet, and finish of any red wine
  • Quick: Quickly and helpfully circulate air through wine by the container or glass
  • Incorporates aerator tower for convenience
  • Blends wine in with air to improve flavor, bouquet, and finish of any red wine


Product Description: Quicken a wine's air circulation measure with the Vinturi Red Wine aerator. The honor winning Red Wine aerator from Vinturi opens and creates red wines in the time it takes to set out a glass - not any more holding up likewise with customary decanters. The Red Wine aerator highlights licensed innovation and a polished, yet exemplary look. While circulating air through your wine, tune in for the sound - this sound is novel to all Vinturi aerators, and tells you that you have a legitimate Vinturi aerator, not some copycat impersonation item. After opening the top notch, full-shading box, the Vinturi Red Wine aerator introduces itself. Produced using our own extraordinarily detailed acrylic with a simple to-grasp silicone body, the red wine aerator comes total with a rich, bended pinnacle with no-sprinkle grind, which holds the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator at the ideal tallness for filling the glass. Utilizing the red wine aerator with tower makes a sensational introduction while pouring, and takes into consideration one-hand activity. The three-piece tower, (tower arm, tower base and no-sprinkle grind), effectively dismantles when not being used and is dishwasher-safe. Likewise included is the no-trickle represent appropriately showing the gadget and keeping wine off surfaces when not being used, and a channel screen that shields your wine from pieces of plug and silt. An absolute necessity have for engaging, the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator is ideal for rapidly circulating air through a whole jug of wine, or each glass in turn. How it functions: It is straightforward. Spot a glass under the Vinturi Tower Set and pour wine through the opening. At the point when wine is filled the Vinturi, its inward protected plan makes an expansion in the wine's speed while at the same time diminishing its weight. This distinction in weight attracts the best possible measure of air, which blends in with the wine for the perfect measure of time, and conveys a superior bouquet, upgraded flavors, and a smoother finish - indisputably the ideal air circulation. It's that simple. As wine inhales, it opens up and delivers its planned smells and flavors. The more you acknowledge wine, the more you'll like the distinction. What's Included: 1 x Vinturi Red Wine Aerator 1 x Tower Arm 1 x Tower Base 1 x No Splash Grate 1 x No-Drip Aerator Stand 1 x Filter Screen

Box Dimensions: 14.1 x 10.9 x 3.6 inches

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