Viridescent Indoor Herb Garden Kit, Wooden Windowsill Planter Box

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Viridescent Indoor Herb Garden Kit, Wooden Windowsill Planter Box

Brand: Viridescent


  • ✓ SO EASY - Growing your indoor spice garden begins at this very moment with UK sourced spices seeds!
  • ✓ CONVENIENT - This pack has all you require to begin an indoor spice garden (a grower box, 3 provincial pots, developing medium and seeds)
  • ✓ STYLISH - The plan supplements the stylistic theme of any kitchen and fits completely on the windowsill
  • ✓ Personalize - Have fun marking your new spices with the hued chalk gave on the slate strip
  • ✓ VERSATILE - Be imaginative as a portion of our past clients have been, take a stab at utilizing the grower box for decorative designs, planting desert flora or indoor blossoms

Viridescent Indoor Herb Garden Kit - Kitchen Wooden Windowsill Planter Box with Herb Seeds. Best Gift Idea!

Product Description:

Calling all Jamie or Gordon-hopeful kitchen buffs! Spices at Home is the polished and basic expansion to your windowsill. Our provincial style garden grower box has all you require to begin developing new spices today!

Why we love it:
- Fresh spices are culinary specialists' fundamental fixing. Spices at Home makes it simple to add spices to your plates of mixed greens, pastas, curries and plunges
- You're certain to intrigue your friends and family with this incredible blessing thought, particularly for the individuals who are "difficult to-purchase for"
- An incredible method to bring some greenery inside to light up your kitchen, purchase a few to develop various assortments of spices
- Easy and amusing to customize, utilize the hued chalk to name and relabel your spices on the board strip
- The Viridescent grower box additionally looks extraordinary for different plants or decorative designs set on a mantelpiece, feasting table or windowsill

Our Herbs at Home unit contains:
- A wooden grower box including plastic plate to catch overabundance water
- Three excited pots with waste openings
- Growing medium
- Seed sachets (Basil, Parsley and Chives) sourced from the UK
- 3 bits of hued chalk to add spice names to the writing board of the grower box
Grower box measurements: 33.5cm (width) x 9.5cm (tallness) x 12.5cm (profundity)
We totally back our item and if in any way, shape or form you are unsettled, it would be ideal if you let us know! We are glad for you to return for a full discount or we can send you out another.

Box Dimensions: 13.2 x 5.1 x 4.0 inches

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