Vladon Cabinet Chest of Drawers Ben V3, Carcass in White matt



Vladon Cabinet Chest of Drawers Ben V3, Carcass in White matt

Author: Vladon

Brand: Vladon

Colour: Front in Light Grey Satin-finished


  • Bureau with 3 entryways and 2 drawers
  • Cadaver (top and sides) in White matt
  • Fronts in Light Gray glossy silk completed made of MDF
  • Estimations of the bureau in cm (WxHxD): 117 x 74 x 36

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Vladon Ben V3, Carcass in White matt/Front in Light Grey satin-finished

Product Description:

The bureau Ben V3 is an ideal stockpiling arrangement that impeccably finds a way into any room. Behind the two entryways on the left you can locate an enormous case with an adaptable wooden rack. Behind the more modest entryway on the in that general area is an extra case, likewise with an adaptable wooden rack. Over this entryway there are two open drawers.

The bureau has a melamine-shrouded cadaver (top and sides) in the popular shading white matt. The front is made of MDF and is either accessible in serious shine or wood grain optic; both with adjusted edges; or in matt made of molecule board. The surfaces in wood grain optic present an unpretentious wood structure.

The entryways and drawers can without much of a stretch be opened with our Push to Open components. The amassing instruments and the draw sprinters are made of metal and guarantee a firm establishment. A simple to adhere to gathering guidance guarantees a straight forward self-get together of the unit.

Measurements of the cabinet in cm (WxHxD): 117 x 74 x 36

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