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ZedHouses | Wassily Kandinsky - Archival Matte - Framed

Brand: Spiffing Prints


  • Inside casing size is 210 mm by 297 mm
  • Print is as spoken to in the picture, this will incorporate a fringe
  • Edges are covered 20-30 mm Polycore
  • Fulfillment ensured with a simple merchandise exchange
  • Any Questions Just Ask


Spiffing Prints - Fine Art Prints

All of our prints include borders, these can be seen in the image in the listing. If you would like to have your border removed then please get in touch and we can remove it.

  • Small 210mm by 297mm
  • Medium 297mm by 420mm
  • Large 420mm by 594
  • Extra Large 594mm by 841mm

Our Papers

Semi-Gloss 210gsm

This paper is the lightest of the three and has a mostly shined surface, like the completion of a magazine page. There isn't as much reflection as a full shine paper which is the thing that a run of the mill photo would be classed as. The shine permits the hues to come through full and lively.

Matte 230gsm

This is a thicker paper with a matte surface, is somewhat grayish, and is finished. Matte paper permits ink to splash into it meaning you get more extravagant and more profound hues, particularly with regards to darker hues.

Authentic Matte 300gsm

This paper is finished like that of watercolor paper, is grayish, and has a matte surface. This paper is explicitly intended for top notch artistic work printing thus it has a bigger scope of range of shading accessible. The authentic quality is on the grounds that it isn't made with counterfeit whiteners otherwise called acids. These acids can separate ink over years, particularly if the print is presented to daylight.

You can be guaranteed with our 100% fulfillment ensure. In the event that you are discontent with your request, at that point we are glad to organize the arrival so you can purchase in certainty.

Any questions, just ask.

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