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Colour: Pink

(6 different colours are available. Please click to Check Out)


  • Delicate wool texture, agreeable and breathable, skin-accommodating and non-bothering. Utilizing top notch high-thickness bounce back wipe, full surface and great flexibility. Size: 25.6in long, 25.6in in width, 28.7in in stature.
  • The plan of the removable and launderable seat pad is advantageous to deal with, keep perfect and solid consistently, and carry agreeable satisfaction to the body.
  • Wide and agreeable armrest, the armrest is coordinated with the seat surface, and it is difficult to shroud earth. Lovely wiring reflects quality.
  • Thin two-shading couch legs, intense surface and solid bearing limit. Close non-slip foot cushion, 360 ° can be acclimated to forestall scratching the floor.
  • Warm structure, ravishing hues, basic and agreeable visual pleasure. Comfortable home air, straightforward and warm. Incredible for enlivening your home.

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