Willow Tree Together Figurine

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Willow Tree Together Figurine

Brand: Willow Tree

Colour: Natural


  • Slant: For the individuals who have discovered their actual accomplice in affection and life composed on fenced in area card
  • 9 Inch hand-painted pitch figure; prepared to show on a rack, table or shelf; to clean, dust with delicate brush or fabric
  • A statement of adoration and mindful; a wedding, commemoration or Valentine's Day blessing; bundled in fitted box prepared for blessing giving
  • Craftsman Susan Lordi hand cuts the first of every Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO; this piece is projected from Susan's unique cutting and painted by hand
  • This figure imparts through motion, to speak to a feeling or imprint a memory; willow Tree forms express love, closeness, recuperating, boldness, trust feelings of an everyday routine all around experienced


Product Description: Willow Tree is a personal line of non-literal models speaking to feelings of adoration, closeness, recuperating, mental fortitude, expectation and all the feelings experienced throughout everyday life. Craftsman Susan Lordi hand cuts the first of every Willow Tree design. Pieces are projected in gum from her unique carvings and afterward independently painted by hand with without lead paint. I attempt to keep the understanding of Willow Tree open. I trust this makes it more close to home and permits the watcher to choose its importance - Susan Lordi. Provided in a marked blessing box and a blessing tag with assumption for the individuals who share the soul of fellowship. Not a toy or kids' item. Expected for grown-ups as it were. Wellbeing Warning 2 Box Contains 1 x Willow tree figure

Box Dimensions: 10.2 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches

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