XPower High-performance Electric Eco-friendly Ulv Fogger Sprayer (F-16)



Brand: XPower

Color: Grey


  • Ulta Low Volume : F series Ulv technology provides effective, Makes items have small volume with high pressure, Significant spray effect
  • Multi-Use : Efficient applications of various liquid formulations, pestilence ,insect ,formaldehyde,space disinfection,environmental restoration,home ,schools and hospitals
  • Powerful Motor : F series with powerful motor puts liquid solvents under high speed and strong pressure, Spray Delivery distance mists up to 10m
  • Cleaning the Solution Tank:Turn the fogging volume control to the lowest setting. Fill the solution tank with cold water to half of maximum capacity, close the solution,tank and shake the machine a few times. Then open the solution tank and discard the water inside.
  • Professionalism: XPower includes in-depth development and research on air purification, environmental improvement, and pet management

EAN: 6953523499261

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