Yard Force 22Bar 20V Aquajet Cordless Pressure Cleaner with 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, Charger and Accessories LW C02

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Brand: Yard Force


  • Compact and portable high pressure cleaner
  • 20V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery with digital charging level indicator
  • Ergonomically designed, two-position rotary rear handle
  • Versatile 3-in-1 adjustable jet nozzle: Jet, Turbo & Low
  • Adjustable pressure control - 2 speed settings up to Maximum 22Bar
  • Maximum 270 L/h water flow rate for better performance

Details: The Yard Force Aquajet cordless portable pressure cleaner is compact and easy to use with any water source. It can take on cleaning tasks in any location. It features an ergonomically designed, two-position rotary rear handle, a three-in-one adjustable jet nozzle for a jet, turbo and low-pressure cleaning and two pressure settings. With all the accessories included you can tackle your outdoor cleaning with ease and confidence. It is powered with 20 V 2.5 Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery with digital charging level indicator. With a hose that can be used with any water source, you can tackle your cleaning tasks wherever you are, whether it is a pond, a pool, a bucket or a water butt. This cordless cleaner is designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. The two-position rotary rear handle allows the Aquajet to manoeuvre into 2 different positions, making hard to reach places and higher-level cleaning tasks easier. The two pressure settings provide a maximum of 22Bar and a maximum of 270 L/h water flow for better performance. The Eco Mode allows you to quickly switch to use less water and power for a lighter clean and watering. 3-in-1 adjustable jet nozzle provides efficient cleaning: Jet - for a wide, fan shaped spray; low pressure - for a lighter clean and turbo - for a higher-pressure spiral spray. The Aquajet comes with a number of useful accessories: a lance, 3-in-1 adjustable nozzle, brush, foaming bottle, six-metre hose, charger, 20 V lithium-ion battery with digital charging level indicator, a storage bag, bucket and instructions. Yard Force offers a 2 + 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

EAN: 6939500728333

Package Dimensions: 21.3 x 9.8 x 6.7 inches

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