Yo-Yo DESK 90 | 36”(BLACK) - Best Selling Height-Adjustable Standing Desk [90cm Wide]. Superior sit-stand solution suitable for all workstations and standing desk workplaces



Brand: Yo-Yo DESK

Color: Black


  • SUPERIOR HEIGHT-ADJUSTMENT: Unbeatable height extension range for standing desk converters: 15 - 50cm (Desktop), 0 - 36cm (Keyboard). 15 options for smooth height adjustment from sitting to standing desk. Split level worktop 90cm wide.
  • DURABLE DESIGN. BUILT TO LAST. FEATURED ON BBC TV: Yo-Yo DESK featured on BBC's "How to Stay Young" experiment. Using Yo-Yo DESK helped ex-policeman shed 13 YEARS off his body age in 8 weeks. Premium grade aluminium gas spring for smooth height adjustment. Available in both Black and White with 3-year Warranty. Yo-Yo DESK is the UK’s #1 best-selling range of standing desks.
  • IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH & PRODUCTIVITY: Avoid Binge Sitting and transition easily between sitting and standing. Allow your body the movement it needs whilst you work in perfect ergonomic comfort. Join the workplace revolution for healthier active working! Yo-Yo DESK is an Official Sponsor of the GET BRITAIN STANDING campaign.
  • CONVERTS ANY DESK TO SIT-STAND: Yo-Yo DESK 90 standing desk caters for larger workspace needs and accommodates dual monitors. Easy to install (5 minutes) and effortlessly switches from/to sitting & standing positions in just 3 seconds using easy-press levers on each side.
  • HOW DOES YO-YO DESK “90” DIFFER FROM YO-YO DESK “95-S”? Yo-Yo DESK 90 is our first-generation sit-stand desk. It has a larger footprint and deeper desktop (59cm vs 40cm) giving you the benefits of more space and is sturdier at higher heights. OUR ADVICE: Yo-Yo DESK 90 is a suitable standing desk for users below 183cm or 6-foot-tall if placed upon a standard height desk (72cm). For users above 184cm (and up to 200cm) we suggest using a Yo-Yo DESK GO 2.

Details: Yo-Yo Desk 90 - revolutionary and affordable series Sit-Stand desktop workstations designed to work with your existing desk. Simple to transition between a sitting and standing desk throughout the workday, Yo-Yo Desk 90 incorporates a unique patented gas spring which provides smooth standing desk height adjustment. Easy to use and install in 5 minutes. Best-selling Standing Desk available. Work Smarter.

EAN: 0825282367708

Package Dimensions: 38.0 x 26.5 x 8.6 inches

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