ZERO GRAVITY 6ft / 8ft / 10ft / 12ft / 14ft Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder (14ft)




Color: Blue/Yellow


  • Zero Gravity has been synonymous with high specification, quality trampolines. During this time they have shied away from the cheaper end of the market as it used to be impossible to produce a safe high performance trampoline at such a low price. Technology has changed however and with Zero Gravity's patented weldless frame trampolines they can now offer their trampolines to a wider market without compromising quality and safety. Introducing the Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Trampoline...
  • All Zero Gravity Ultima 4 trampolines feature a state of the art safety enclosure. A netting sited directly on the edge of the jumping surface supported by arced uprights improve safety in the event of a fall, whilst a wired top ring retains the shape and structure of the netting. The enclosure also features a quick release system so that it can be taken down in minutes, this reduces wind hazards and is ideal for preventing unsupervised play.
  • The safety padding's top surface is made from PVC rather than cheaper, inferior PE giving a quality look and feel that unlike PE will not disintegrate under UV light. Safety is of the uttermost importance so inside the padding you'll find 20mm thick EPE foam protecting your child against the steel frame.
  • Even before gaining EN71 certification this trampoline went through extensive testing at the Zero Gravity testing lab. Including 500KG weight testing and cycle testing. Did you know that while a welded trampolines frame will typically crack at 1 million cycles this trampoline has gone through over 2.5 million cycles without cracking.
  • Customer service is key to Zero Gravity Trampolines success. Although we believe the assembly guide supplied with this trampoline is one of the best available, should you have any questions while building your trampoline please feel free to call the Zero Gravity support line and one of their knowledgeable staff will be only to pleased to help.

Details: With 40+ years experience in trampoline production we've learnt what makes a trampoline fun, safe & long lasting. A lot of the trampolines you'll see for sale in stores have been made in our factory under OEM. The Zero Gravity brand is our premium offering and utilises the latest technology for a great value, fun, safe & long lasting trampoline. Plenty of models for sale tick a lot of the boxes but can you tell if they are built to a budget with corners cut? Just a few tips on what to look for. ENCLOSURE- There are two types of enclosure either an inner (attached to the edge of the jumping mat) or outer (fits on the outside of the frame). Both are safe but if you are looking at a model with an outer enclosure ensure that the padding is as thick as possible over the frame as your childs head can easily come into contact with this whereas with an inner enclosure this cannot happen. PADDING- The thicker the better. Find out what material the upper side of the padding is made from, PVC is preferable as it doesn't rot under UV light unlike PE which can crumble after a year or so. LEGS- The more legs the trampoline has then the shorter the lengths of the upper frame sections can be. A shorter piece of steel is less likely to bend than a long length so the frame should be stronger. JOINTS- The majority of trampoline are made from welded steel (does not apply to Zero Gravity Ultima 4 which is weldless). The weld is the weak point on a frame so check to see if it has supporting plates to strengthen each joint. If an image is not shown of this component assume it doesn't or ask the seller. MAX USER WEIGHT AND SPRINGS- Trampolines should only be used by one person at a time. Does your child really weigh 150KG or 23 stone? Trampolines should be tuned by the manufacturer for the weight of the user. If it is over sprung in order to increase maximum user weight then it will be less bouncy than one with a lower limit.

EAN: 5060311348111

Package Dimensions: 46.5 x 18.9 x 16.1 inches

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